Below is a list of the Men of Bree's Provosts (Officers).


There are two types of Provosts. The names in red are the Council Members, who are promoted from the rank of Provosts who partake in Leading the Men of Bree and participate in all kin matters. ALL Kin decisions are made by them. Linahras holds the rank Kin Leader [changing] but defers to the Council on ALL matters. All provosts in green are Recruiters for the Men of Bree, and can participate in Council petitions, but above all focus on recruiting and the keeping of peace within the kinship.

All council members are recruited from the provosts by the existing council members.

    • Gautren -- Stantar, Rodrand 

    • Androthelm -- No Other Characters in the Kinship

    • Tralin --  Trallin

    • Linahras-- Taranthuil, Finarwe, Glahrin, Craygnath, Glimmerfoot

    • Rabamir -- Rikco, Alexros








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