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re: A little introduction

Well, I never really expected to be writing something like this. But here is a little about me so you have some idea of who I am. At this rate, I should be in charge of Turbine in a couple years! :D

I have an eclectic mix of interests, technology having always been one of them. I build my own computers, prefer Linux as my OS, did horrible in school and hated most of it. I have a boring job in an office, that I am extremely blessed to have. Because of the fairly regular hours I work, I can usually fit time in for LotRO several days a week, so most of you have probably seen me in one of my toons or another. All of them are in this kinship, I don't play on any other servers. I lift weights, but am not huge. I usually do that after work, so if I am not on by 5:30pm (1730hrs) Pacific, that's probably what's going on.

I love Tolkien's creation of Middle Earth, and while I might not win a Jeopardy contest for it, I might not be eliminated right away either. The 1st MMO I played was Ultima Online and I was in the closed beta for that as it was developed. I fiddled with a few others, but never really thought any were worth the monthly fee. When the talk of Middle Earth Online started, I joined the community for that and jumped into the online discussion the developers were having. That all fell apart because of the changes in the gaming industry, and when it re-emerged as LotRO I only had a passing interest in it. I started playing this in the closed beta for free to play testing...and dug it. Once it went live, I started my first toon on Imladris, and eventually paid for a "vip" account. I really dig this game, it isn't everything I would make it if I held the reigns, but on the balance I have a lot of fun with it.

I have enjoyed this kinship ever since I was recruited in. I know we have had some ups and downs with folks coming and going and the original leadership change. I look at this as being a place to have fun with folks that have a common interest in the game, and maybe some of the stories Tolkien put in place. I like how helpful we have always been with each other and that there haven't been too many problems with bad behavior. If any of you ever have an idea for something to try in the kinship please let me or one of the other officers know. With the easier leveling we have now, I think we'll start to see a lot more higher level toons, and hopefully can start getting more group & raid stuff going. Have fun in the game (and everywhere else)!
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