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re: Ingame communication

Hi - I have setup a in-game chat channel called CMob which was used previously for council members to talk to each other while online as I have another private corp with the rest of my toons of which are all in the CMob chat channel - my idea is to use this channel for all alts of MOB members to chat and find out what is happening so they could join if they wanted, finding it just type:

1. /listchannels - this finds the channel number like uc1,uc2, uc3, uc4 with the name alongside.

2. then to join you type /joinchannel CMob if not already in channel.

3. when in channel you can type directly into channel, but if not in userchannel then /1 <message> or respective number will type message directly into channel for all in there to see.

4. also when in channel you see [To CMob] where you can type your message like the say: which is default, alas it is not mentioned in listings so you cannot switch to this channel BUT when you are in the channel it stays with you everytime you logon so you can just type /1 or respective number and message for all in channel to see it, [To CMob] may not come out the first time but does in the second message.

5. to leave all you do is type /leavechannel CMob in which case you get a message saying you have left.

6. need any more help just type /help for more commands.

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